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      Home > About Zmonday
      Wuyi zhouYi Mechanical and Electrical CO.,Ltd dedicate to manufacture excellent and innovative garden equipment and is one of the largest export base for garden powered equipment in china, occupying 100, 000 square meters, with 680 employees, the investment amount of zhouYi reaches USD26 million, currently the product series of zhouYi cover snow Thrower, Manual sweeper and wheel Barrow. it continuously diversifies its products range according to customer needs.

      zhouYi has 36 professional technical engineers and a strong R&D team. zhouYi holds 10 modern assembly lines and many advanced processing equipments of mould, metalworKinq and plastic. Advanced technology and technolocjical process, constant innovation of product and advanced equipment lead to both increasingly expanded production capacity and steadily improved quality.

      our products curry GS, EPA,UL approvals and meet the requirements of the RoHs and PaH Directives. our monthly capacity is 32,000 snow throwers and 15,000 outdoor sweepers.

      we are professional and sincere, with ceaseless innovation and effort, we aspire to not only meet but also exceed our client's requirements, it provides lonq-term opportunities for zhouyl to continue grow.