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      扫雪机系列 扫雪机系列,扫雪机决您冬天积雪清理难题,易启动,操作安全,噪音小,性能优越,计量稳定.动力十足,让你冬天拥有舒适且便利的交通。
      Model STG1101QE-02 Engine power 11HP/8.1KW/337CC Fuel consumption 1.6L/H

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      Wuyi zhouYi Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd. dedicate to manufacture excellent and innovative garden equipment and is one of the ... ...


      US EPA approval delivered by the US EPA (United States)
      ISO14001:2004... ...

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      Add: Jinyan Mountain Industry Function Area Quanxi,Wuyi,321210 Zhejiang,China
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