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      Home > Products > Sweeper series > Model SSG5562
      Model SSG5562
        Snow Thrower Certificate GS/CE/EPA
        4stroke, forced cooling,OHV Snow Sweeper Snow Blade
      Start Mode Recoil start 4stroke, forced cooling,OHV 4stroke, forced cooling,OHV
      Engine power 5.5HP Recoil start Recoil start
      Speed 4 forward and 2reverse 5.5HP 5.5HP
      Chute rotating angle 190° 4 forward and 2reverse 4 forward and 2reverse
      Working width 56cm 22° 22°
      Working thickness 42cm 62cm 85cm
      Spout capacity 5-15m   37cm
      Wheel size 13*4.1-6    
        13*4.1-6   13*4.1-6